Champions of Atlanta

Trouble at the Huddle House
A brief battle over view; roleplaying notes later
After Night Hawk witnessed the capture of Gale by WASP agents he contacted Crusader. Crusader arrived within minutes and soon summoned the entire team to meet at the Huddle House near McCollum airport. Kaleidoscope, Skywave, Bone, and Alien Hunter all arrived within 20 minutes and prepared to search the wholesale warehouse that had been emitting radar scans.

Kaleidoscope transformed into a ferret and slipped into the air vents. She spotted a stealth drone scanning the inside of the warehouse (luckily before it spotted her) and kept up her search while dodging the drone. She eventually noted an emergency exit that could not lead to the outside and opened it – to be shot by an automated laser turret! She fled the warehouse, chased by the drone.

Skywave used his cyberkinesis to take over the heavy turret and have it destroy itself and also self-destructed the drone. Nighthawk performed first aid on the wounded and the team prepared to move into the warehouse when 13 WASP ground troopers shed their chameleon cloaks and attacked.

Nighthawk closed with one group, Kaleidoscope transformed into a giant tarantula and charged another group, causing some to flee and others to panic fire at her. Skywave attacked a few with his lightning storm; Bone assaulted one with great impact; Crusader opened fre on one and Alien Hunter used his matched power pistol on the WASP agents on the warehouse roof. The agents’ fire was somewhat effective with Kaleidoscope, Bone, and Nighthawk taking damage while an unseen sniper hurt Crusader.

Crusader rocketed off to deal with the concealed sniper while the rest of the team settled into dealing with a swarm of mooks. Nighthawk got into a melee with a vibro-knife armed WASP sergeant and the rest settled into a slugfest. Nighthawk had a bit of surprise when an air conditioning unit in his line of sight slide aside and revealed a hidden elevator that seemed empty.

In reality Gale and Renegade were invisibly escaping the WASP nest. Unkown to the rest of the team they were largely escaping from the recently awoken alien that the WASP scientists had been exploiting! The two female supers began invisibly assisting in the fight, Gale attacking some of the agents fighting Nighthawk, Renegade using a choke hold on a separated agent.

Crusader captured the sniper with a whitechain missile (entangle) and returned to the fight. The formerly-captured alien exited the elevator and immediately leapt to the roof and began scanning the minds of the various combatants. In a remarkably short time the various WASP agents were down with Alien Hunter having the feat of knocking out an agent on each of his phases.

Five air assault WASP agents swooped in from the East, engaging Bone. At the same time the alien began communicating with Nighthawk, revealing that he was named Nova and that he disliked WASP. Another 4 air assault agents appeared tot he West, semi-isolating some of the heroes, but despite this and some initial success the team dealt with all 8 of the new agents very quickly.

As the party gathered the unconscious and surrendered agents in preparation of the arrival of the police there was a whoosh! sound as Jumping Jack Flash arrived. JJF did a multiple move-by that knocked Nighthawk down and stunned and also stunned Bone (!!). Syren teleported in and attempted to grab Gale as Dreamer teleported in and teleported back out with the unconscious Nighthawk.

Gale and about half the team subdued Syren fairly quickly. JJF, on the other hand, dodged through a hail of attacks, grabbed the still-stunned Bone and ran off with him only to slam Bone into a reinforced concrete wall at 360 kph. Dreamer returned with the now-groggy Nighthawk, kissed him, and teleported away again. About that time Crusader finally hit JJF with a proximity fused whitechain missile (spread attack) bringing the combat to a close.

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