The Grand Duchy of Molodovia

Motto: “Für Gott, Großherzog und Ehre”(For God, Grand Duke, and Honor)
Anthem: “Schöne Bergheim” (Beautiful Mountain Home)

Capital: Bergheim
Largest City: Schwannstein
Official Language: German
Official Religion: Catholic
Demonym: Molodovian
Type of Government: Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
    Grand Duke: Hans Maria II
    Prime Minister: Helmut Schreiner
Area: 60 sq. mi
Water: negligible
Population (2010 census): 27, 536
GDP (PPP) (2010 EU report): $4.18 billion
Currency: Molodovian Franc (Swiss Franc accepted)
Time Zone: CET
Drive on the: Right

  Nestled between Switzerland and Austria and separated from Liechtenstein by a 6 mile wide strip of Austria to the north, Molodovia is a small but wealthy European nation.

History: established in 1720 by Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI to honor his cousin and general Albrecht Josef von Bergheim, Molodovia has existed as a sovereign nation ever since. In World War I Molodovian hussars distinguished themselves  in battle throughout the conflict. In World War II Molodovia remained militarily neutral. In the post-war period Molodovia became a banking center for Europe.
Economy, Energy, and Infrastructure: In the 1970’s Grand Duke Hans Maria I was the first European head of state to provide incentives for high-tech entrepreneurship causing Molodovia to become a leader in computer, biotech, telecommunications, and pharmaceutical development.
  When Grand Duke Hans Maria II ascended the throne in 2001 he focused his attention on energy; as of 2010 Molodovia is a net energy exporter with all commercial and residential power being provided by renewable sources.
  Molodovia has been an integral part of the Eurorail system for decades with major rail links going north-south and east-west. The nation also has over 300 miles of internal rail providing commuter rail access to every large town and a station is within walking distance of virtually every corner of the Duchy.
Ruling Family: Grand Duke Hans Maria II is 36 years old. He studied at the Ecole Polytechnique, Cambridge, and the University of Vienna. He has advanced degrees in politics and engineering. He is married to Grand Duchess Maria Angelica, youngest child of the Grand Duke of Seborga. Together they have 7 children, the oldest of whom, Erich Josef, is heir presumptive. Erich Josef is 13 years old.
The Twilight Invasion: In December of 1998 the supervillain Twilight attacked Molodovia with an army of mercenaries, some of whom were paranormals. Having learned from the assault on Seborga a few years previously Grand Duke Hans Maria I was able to hold off the invaders long enough for Euroteam to intervene.
Notable Citizens:
Hannah Maurer, Olympian (gold is alpine skiing)
Georg Rauch, scientist (nobel prize in chemistry)
Bergsteiger, super hero (Euroteam, retired)

The Grand Duchy of Molodovia

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