1983 ICICLE finally confirmed rumors that had been drifting around
super-hero circles for decades; there was an international criminal
organization that was bent on not ‘just’ crime but world domination.
To this day WASP has been the most persistent and dangerous foe of

The Strangers all claim that WASP is a direct ‘descendant’ of the
International Crime League founded in the 19th Century. Whatever its
origins, ICICLE considers WASP to be the most critical criminal
threat on Earth.

Wasp operates in cells, called nests. Each nest has a Nest
Commander who has connections to a ‘communications node’ (a dead-drop
method of receiving orders from his superiors) and one other nest.
Under the Nest Commander are three deputies; one has access to a
different communications node, the others each have a connection to a
different Nest – this information is never shared between members.
In this manner no Nest Commander can deceive his Nest about orders
being received (one of his deputies can dispute false orders) and
communications can always be assured while not risking the entire

Nests can have an amazingly varied list of goals; some are
laboratories engaged in researching weapons; others are focused on
raising money to fund WASP operations by crime or by ‘legitimate’
business. While all nests have at least some as guards, some nests
are barracks and training centers for WASP troops; well-trained,
well-equipped soldiers in a variety of specialties. At one time WASP
employed or even created super humans as ‘muscle’ (Insectus began as
part of WASP) but has spent the last decade relying on their own
human soldiers almost exclusively.

WASP’s goal seems to be to weaken and destabilize world governments
to such an extent that WASP can take control of the entire world. To
this end they support terrorists, commit and encourage criminal
activity, force politicians into scandals, discredit governmental
organizations, and generally promote chaos and fear. Their past
actions include; assassinating the first post-apartheid president of
Sotartho; sabotaging the space shuttle Adonis; sinking both a Russian
and Chinese submarine in proximity to each other in an attempt to
provoke war between those nations; detonating an EMP bomb inside the
Japanese stock exchange; and many more.


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