The Uploaded Man

Early Life 
  Virtually nothing is known of the life of the Uploaded Man prior to his appearance in 1999. He was in his late 20’s, was a native speaker of English, was a caucasian male, and had known the Technocrat since at least 1994.

  The Uploaded Man first appeared on December 31st, 1999 during the Technocrat’s worldwide broadcast of the Transhumanist Manifesto of the Council for World Betterment. He has been an integral member of the Council ever since. He was incolved in the Great Stock Market Attack of 2000, the Silicon Valley Massacre of 2001, the Little Robot Uprising of 2004, and the Silwarra Incident of 2006. He was thought destroyed by Der Ingenieur in 2007 but returned in 2009 during the so-called Nine Planes Incident.

Known Powers and Abilities
  According to his statements (as well as the statements of the rest of the Council and some superheroes) the Uploaded Man exists as a self-aware ‘copy’ of the miond and personality of a man free-floating on the internet. On the internet he can attack and comprise systems in a manner very similar to any hacker but at incredible speeds. He can also remotely control electronic devices, create and send data, and otherwise act as any very skilled hacker may.
  He can also seemingly project ‘portions’ or ‘copies’ of him mind into electronic devices. Combined with a powerful form of electro- and techno-kinesis he can either form new robot ‘hosts’ or use pre-built robot chassis (his own or others) to manifest himself in the real world, sometimes with multiple copies existing at once.

Threat Level

The Uploaded Man

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